Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How long until my order ships?

Stock items ship within 3-5 business days depending on when the order is submitted. You will receive a shipment confirmation including your tracking number via email when your order has shipped. Your tracking information can also be accessed by going to the My Dashboard tab then My Account Page


I only see “Connect to View Pricing” where the price should be, why is that?

This site is set-up to allow only guests and customers with login information to see the item pricing. Please click on the ‘Customer Login’ button in the site’s header to be directed to the Sign In page.

  •          Returning customers can complete their log-in information for access in the fields under the 'Returning Customer?' section. 
  •          New Customers, please Select the ‘Register’ button under the New Users header to begin the account creation process.


I have requested a customer login, but I did not get my login information immediately. 

Requests for new customer logins will be responded to within 30 minutes of your request during our business hours of 8:30AM - 5:00PM EST Monday through Friday. You will receive an email with your login credentials. All requests made after hours will be responded to first thing the next morning, and requests made on Saturday and Sunday will be responded to first thing on Monday morning. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding!


What payment methods are accepted? 

Yerecic Label accepts American Express, MasterCard and Visa as credit card payment methods through

If you are an existing customer with agreed upon credit terms, you will see the option of Bill to My Account in the cart upon check-out and your invoicing will process as usual. 


Where can I access a copy of my order confirmation or invoice?

All confirmations and invoices, both placed online and directly through our system through your Sales Coordinator, can be accessed within your My Dashboard then My Account Page. 


Can you manufacture custom pressure-sensitive labels in different shapes and colors?

Yes! With in-house graphic designers, the sky is the limit for the various shapes, sizes and color labels we can create. Contact us at (724) 334-3300 or for more information.


Can I cancel an order once it's been placed?

Please call your Sales Coordinator or Yerecic Label at (724) 334-3300 to determine if an order can be canceled.


Can I change an order once it's been placed? 

Please call your Sales Coordinator or Yerecic Label at (724) 334-3300 to determine if an order can be changed. 



Customer Catalog Information


What is an increment (multiple)?

An increment, also known as a multiple, is the number of rolls your order volume must be divisible by based on the item's Across value. This is displayed in your item specifications as "Please order this item in multiples of XX rolls".  


How do I determine if my order is within increment?

To determine if your order is within increment, determine if your final order volume is divisible by the increment which is dependent on the Across value and Labels per Roll vs. Selling UOM value.

  • For example, item YLMK0001  is 3,000 labels/roll, designated as 4 Rolls across (i.e. Please Order in Multiples of 4 Rolls) and my Selling UOM is M. I want to place an order for 40 M - but realize this would be out of increment as 4 rolls across x 3,000 labels/roll = 12,000 labels (12M) so my order volume by M must be in multiples of 12,000 (12M). I could lower my volume to 36,000 (36M) or raise it to 48,000 (48M) to make my order within increment.
  • Another example, item YLMK0002 is 2,000 labels/roll, designated as 6 rolls across (i.e. Please Order in Multiples of 6 Rolls), and my      Selling UOM is Rolls. I want to place an order for 36 rolls- This is in increment as 36 Rolls is a multiple of 6 rolls. 

This becomes most challenging to calculate when you order in a different Selling UOM than the Labels per Roll.